LASA10 Recovery on going…

LASA team members Rick Szjarto and Peter McCracken traveled to New York State on Saturday following the successful launch of two Edge of Space Probes.  They were just south of Gananoque near Hyde Lake.  They tracked the payload to its last known positon on  the property of Robbyn Parker.  After seeking permision from Robbyn the two acompanied by Aaron Parker and local Amateur Radio Operator David Aitechson set out to the last known coordinates.  The party began a systematic search of the property for the package but after 3 hours of searching the forest, swamp and rocky high ground they were unsuccessful.  And decided to head for home.  Robbyn will keep her eyes open for the balloon.  Chances are good that she’ll find it, she spends a lot of time on her land and even found a government weather balloon a few years back.



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3 responses to “LASA10 Recovery on going…

  1. Hmmm. Two balloons on one property. Is this some kind of Bermuda triangle? REX remains the king. Found and recovered…again. Great mission boys.

  2. David Aitcheson

    It actually may not be on Robbyn’s property, but on the property behind her that is accessed off another road, and owned by people that are seasonal. I am awaiting the results of the fly-over and the arrival of the people for the summer.

  3. David Aitcheson

    Fast forward five plus months and David Aitcheson KB3EFS has VE3LCA-11 in his possession!

    Stand by for more details!

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