Lasa 9 VE3REX-11 Recovered!

Recovery Team Bob Sharp and Gordon Dewis with Barrie Crampton

The payload of LASA9 ascended to the edge of space on April 30th and dropped back to the surface of the planet a few hours after launch.  During its flight the balloon broadcast messages recorded by students from Perth Ontario (See the Sounds of LASA9 below).  Balloon chasers using radio and computers  saw on their digital maps the balloon land in what looked like the middle of the St Lawrence River.  When they arrived at the river shortly after landing the payload was still sending out radio signals.  Using the signal and binoculars they were able to site the payload floating in the river.  They were able to contact some local boaters to hitch a ride and recover the package.

Recovering LASA 9 from its watery landing



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2 responses to “Lasa 9 VE3REX-11 Recovered!

  1. REX, the King, cannot be dethroned. Again, well done.

  2. Good old VE3REX. Started out as the callsign for the Lanark County Rural EXpo. REX the King has risen to lofty heights from humble beginnings at the plowing match. Per Ardua ad Astra

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