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LASA10 Recovery on going…

LASA team members Rick Szjarto and Peter McCracken traveled to New York State on Saturday following the successful launch of two Edge of Space Probes.  They were just south of Gananoque near Hyde Lake.  They tracked the payload to its last known positon on  the property of Robbyn Parker.  After seeking permision from Robbyn the two acompanied by Aaron Parker and local Amateur Radio Operator David Aitechson set out to the last known coordinates.  The party began a systematic search of the property for the package but after 3 hours of searching the forest, swamp and rocky high ground they were unsuccessful.  And decided to head for home.  Robbyn will keep her eyes open for the balloon.  Chances are good that she’ll find it, she spends a lot of time on her land and even found a government weather balloon a few years back.



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Lasa 9 VE3REX-11 Recovered!

Recovery Team Bob Sharp and Gordon Dewis with Barrie Crampton

The payload of LASA9 ascended to the edge of space on April 30th and dropped back to the surface of the planet a few hours after launch.  During its flight the balloon broadcast messages recorded by students from Perth Ontario (See the Sounds of LASA9 below).  Balloon chasers using radio and computers  saw on their digital maps the balloon land in what looked like the middle of the St Lawrence River.  When they arrived at the river shortly after landing the payload was still sending out radio signals.  Using the signal and binoculars they were able to site the payload floating in the river.  They were able to contact some local boaters to hitch a ride and recover the package.

Recovering LASA 9 from its watery landing


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The Flights of LASA9 and 10

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The Sounds of LASA 9

The payload of LASA9 included a small transmitter broadcasting messages recorded by the students of St John Elementary School and St John Catholic High School in Perth Ontario.  The recordings were broadcast over amateur radio frequencies.  Students at the launch heard their messages coming from the edge of space.  Some of the messages were mixed into a montage by local radio station CHLK – Lake 88 FM88.1 .  The montage was featured in a Lake88 Interview with Barrie Crampton explaining the LASA 9 Mission Voices from the  edge of space.mp3 originally broadcast April 28 at 4:15 EDT.

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