Annoucning LASA 9 and LASA 10

Lanark Space Agency announced its next launch(es).  They will take Place Saturday 30 April, 2011 at 9:00am.  The launch will be from the Crystal Palace in the Turning Basin, down town Perth.  The launches are a part of Perth’s Festival of the Maples and will be educational in nature.

St John Elementary will be launching LASA-9 call sign VE3REX-11 as part of their study of space and flight.  Students have crafted “messages from space” that will travel aboard in written form and as a recording that will be broadcast over amateur frequencies in flight.  Launch preperations begin at 8am at the Crystal Palace (there will be no vehicle access to the basin so you may want to park at the school and walk over

St John Catholic High School grade 9 students in Mr P. Hogan’s class will be launching their balloon LASA-10 call sign VE3LCA-11 around the same time.

Returnto The Lanark Space Agency website on launch day for information on how to track the balloons online, hear student messages, and see photos taken from near space.


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  1. You guys are really stepping it up this year. Good to see. May the Jet Stream be weak, may your knots be true, may the helium carry you high.
    LASA member at large

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