Heavenly Memorial for friend of LASA

John with retrieved LASA-7 package one year ago

On 11 November 2009 John W1AKV and Ray K1AKV retrieved the Amateur High Altitude Balloon packageThat was launched fromPerth Ontario Canada On 7 Nov, 2009 andlanded near to near John and Ray’s Vermont homes John passed away on 7 November 2010.  As a memoriam to John this picture and his obituary were carried in the flight package of Balloon VE3REX-11 Launched 20 Nov.2010 The picture was carried to an altitude of 130,903 feet landing in Jay, Maine

Barrie VE3BSB

John W. Soderberg, W1AKV, (SK):

John Soderberg, W1AKV, of Weston, Vermont, passed away on November 7. He was 90. Soderberg, an ARRL member, was one of the inventors of the spherical array and its associated electromechanical compensator that was the primary acoustic (sonar) sensor subsystem on three gen

Photograph Being Removed from Payload

erations of Navy nuclear attack and fleet ballistic submarines. He was also a key member of the Underwater Sound Laboratory (USL) engineering team that developed sonar and related systems for the submarines. According to friends, he was walking the hills for miles with his German shepherd and working CW just days before his death


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