Record Breaking Flight of LASA VIII

google maps screenshot

A Record Breaking Ascent followed by a quick drop!

The height reported to the Record Athority ARHAB was

39899.2344 meters

130 903 feet

see below for full details of the record breaking packet

2010-11-20 17:10:37 UTC: VE3REX-11>APOTC1,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAS,N1ZRL-1:/201710z4435.28N/07109.55WO091/100/A=130903LASA 8   613-614-1715
type: location
srccallsign: VE3REX-11
dstcallsign: APOTC1
latitude: 44.588 °
longitude: -71.15916666666666 °
course: 91 °
speed: 185.2 km/h
altitude: 39899.2344 m
symboltable: /
symbolcode: O
messaging: 0
posresolution: 18.52 m
posambiguity: 0
comment: LASA 8   613-614-1715



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3 responses to “Record Breaking Flight of LASA VIII

  1. Dominic


  2. Dominic

    Was this payload camera-less? What did you do differently this time?

  3. Well done LASA. How you managed it without me is a mystery. I must have taught you well. Seriously, I was thrilled to watch the balloon smash the old record and a little disappointed I couldn’t be on the recovery team. Again, all my congratulations on a mission accomplished. BZ!

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