New world Record 130000 plus

After gusty launch and steady. 1000ft/mom ascent we have a new arhab record . rRick & Peter heading to Gilbertville Maine. Barrie and co returning to Perth. Low battery…



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5 responses to “New world Record 130000 plus

  1. Wayne

    I have spoken to a local ham that went out looking for this at this time he has stopped looking till daylight if you want to contact me i’ll give you his information as he maybe of help in locating it for you as it’s in his neighborhood so to speak watch out for hunters wear orange

  2. Tony Rafaat

    Congratulations on achieving the new record!!
    I think we had some discussions a few years ago prior to your first launch. I’m pleased to see that you’ve continued to grow your program.
    What size of balloon were you using??
    Why have you chosen to fly with hydrogen rather than helium??

    It would appear that you are now the master!!
    All the best
    Tony Rafaat

  3. Floyd Hollister

    Congratulations from K2DUV!!

  4. Brian Demsey

    Way to go Rick, Peter, Barrie and friends…I’m sure someone filled my Liquid Replacement Specialist shoes admirably! Keep bugging Dr. Paul Miller….he’ll join you and save someone’s life at some point!

    Brian Demsey, newly of Kamloops BC

  5. Norm Hull

    Great Barrie. I was captivated throughout the flight. My Kenwood D710 is on order. Consider me a new convert.

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