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International Press for LASA

Sun Journal of Lewiston Maine reports on LASA 8 mission

Sun Journal \”Ontario to Maine\” story


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Heavenly Memorial for friend of LASA

John with retrieved LASA-7 package one year ago

On 11 November 2009 John W1AKV and Ray K1AKV retrieved the Amateur High Altitude Balloon packageThat was launched fromPerth Ontario Canada On 7 Nov, 2009 andlanded near to near John and Ray’s Vermont homes John passed away on 7 November 2010.  As a memoriam to John this picture and his obituary were carried in the flight package of Balloon VE3REX-11 Launched 20 Nov.2010 The picture was carried to an altitude of 130,903 feet landing in Jay, Maine

Barrie VE3BSB

John W. Soderberg, W1AKV, (SK):

John Soderberg, W1AKV, of Weston, Vermont, passed away on November Continue reading

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Lasa VIII photo galleries

Friday – Pre Launch Preperations

The Launch of LASA VIII

The Chase and Recovery

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Record Breaking Flight of LASA VIII

google maps screenshot

A Record Breaking Ascent followed by a quick drop!

The height reported to the Record Athority ARHAB was

39899.2344 meters

130 903 feet

see below for full details of the record breaking packet

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Preparing for Recovery

Pay load found hanging in the full November moon just south of river in Jay Maine at n44 30.70 w70 14.74. 30ft up tree. Celebratory libations preceded a stay at a motel in Wilton. Thankfully the local hardware store was open at 8am on a Sunday morning for supplies and we are having breakfast before heading back to attempt recovery again.

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No AC Power

Inverter is malfunctioning batteries all low. Heading to Magog to reequip before zing to US

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11/20/2010 · 18:22

New world Record 130000 plus

After gusty launch and steady. 1000ft/mom ascent we have a new arhab record . rRick & Peter heading to Gilbertville Maine. Barrie and co returning to Perth. Low battery…


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