VE3REX-11 launch captured on video

Check out the video of the launch of VE3REX-11, the balloon that attained the second highest altitude ever recorded by an amateur balloon launch: 127, 933ft. That’s 39km straight up!!

Stay tuned for photos and news of future launches.

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One response to “VE3REX-11 launch captured on video

  1. After posting an announcement today for an upcoming WB8ELK balloonacy event, your site was mentioned as ‘related’. Looks great ! Be sure to go back and fill in some more of the ‘coming soon’ pages… I’ll be back to look for some more flight stories. By chance are you on Twitter ?

    When I first saw your site it looked familiar, then I noticed the theme is by Chris Pearson. I am using one of this themes ‘Cutline’ on a few blogs. Check out mine at , you may get some more ideas for your site. I’ve added your site to my Blogroll. If you add a list of links I’d sure appreciate a mention.

    Thanks /;^)

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