LASA-6 recovered from Vermont forest

On November 8th, we launched two balloons (LASA missions 6 & 7). Callsign VE3REX-11 was our high altitude record attempt. It had an ultra-light payload and a large balloon. Callsign VE3LCA-11 was a photographic mission; secured within the rigid foam payload was a digital camera programmed to take photographs at regular intervals. We hoped it would capture images of near space. We also hoped we would recover the payload so that we could see the images! VE3LCA-11, aka LASA-7, reached an altitude of 110, 331 feet before bursting and drifting over the Green Mountains of Vermont and settling in the crown of a sugar maple…rather fitting, eh?

Ten days after launching the balloon, we recovered the payload and its precious photographic cargo. Follow this link to read the fascinating story of the recovery mission.


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